You have 9 years to reduce your CO2 footprint with 42%

We help companies define, review and implement sustainability strategies

from preferred fiber strategy to CO2 reduction, LCAs and circular economy initiatives

At SCHWEIGERTOCHTERMANN we combine our design and business backgrounds when we advice on sustainability and draw upon our extensive international network within design, business, strategy, sourcing and manufacturing

We focus on impact and what you love

Do your basics

Code of conduct
Supplier accountability
Purchasing practices
Company core policies
Organisation – ressources, responsibilities

Focus on impact and what you love

CO2 strategy
Fiber and material strategy
Circularity strategy
Waste reduction strategy
Sustainable packaging
Chemical strategy
Water strategy
Rebalanced industry economics
Product traceability
Internal communication
External communication
Public commitments
Sustainable development goals
Plastics strategy

Go wild

Innovative materials
New business models
New technologies
Industry initiatives
Community projects


Next year you have 

8 years left